Solo Bento. Surprisingly random stories

Surprisingly random stories

Do You have a collection of small, personal and interesting items that you would love to talk about? Unfortunately, these wonderful small objects are hidden deep inside a cardboard box or some other obscure place, never to be seen again, and there is no easy way to talk about them.

The medallion that your mother gave you on your 15th birthday, the pens that you love to use on a daily basis, or the first cell phone you bought in 1999 that reminds you of how quick time flies.

Every object has a story. Particularly the small ones.

When you find out that someone else is interested in hearing all about the stories you have collected with great care and passion, you might be tempted to open up immediately. 

The Solo Storage Cube offers a way in which you can invite curiosity, open conversations and tell your stories. It indicates to others that it may contain things that represent a direct reflection of who you are. Things that will help them realise how much more valuable you are.

This is your opportunity.

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