Franck is a creator. His work lives at the intersection of creativity, lifestyle and education. Besides helping other aspiring creative professionals, he blogs, develops programs and networks with likeminded people in a calm, focussed and determined way.

Before studying Interior design & technology Franck was inspired by the arts. He now uses his skills to produce captivating work and to develop his personal style.

“I stick to what I know and what I’m excited about. I use my skills to consider everything I can create from. I like to start projects, adapt themes, recreate existing narratives etc… I love creating sequels. I make portraits of real life people and architectural monuments. I will take any idea, however simple as a start to a creative process. My thinking is simple and I always try to make sure my work can be easily understood.“

“My ultimate goal is to create a body of work that I’m actually proud of. One that exceeds my expectations and most importantly one that brings others joy and value.”

While Franck is currently a designer you may not know that he is also:

  • A hip Hop devotee

  • Obsessed with geometry

  • A digital magician

  • A Calisthenics fitness disciple

  • A student of marketing principles

  • A fluent french speaker

Franck has worked with well known brands, has exhibited his work a various art shows, designed his own unique products, and is an advocate for creative collaborations and ventures. He has developed visual systems for brands and visual tools for design education. Constantly coming up with innovative ideas, he also tutors aspiring visual designers who want to learn new skills and design principles.

What people say about Franck’s work

‘For a tool that we never thought we needed

comes a function the design team now can’t

live without
— SJ Batkin (Marketing production manager - Gap-)
It has brought another perspective to the student’s

learning and they now have a head start.
— Tony Morgan (Head lecturer)
He blends art-forms with identity and creates iconic representations by translating a huge amount of information. This is a gift. Most artists can’t even identify let alone emulate it.
— Ali Sabet - Artist

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