Solo Cube. The hub for pocket size stories


Designed to be a minimal statement piece, the Solocube can be accessed from all sides, allowing you to display it in various locations.  


With a myriad of drawers, small surprises are at your finger tips. Curate and organise your pocket size valuables in one place.

Made for you

Add character to your surroundings by choosing from an eclectic range of colours that reflect your personality.

I love how the piece demands attention. It’s bold but still tasteful. It looks like something the Riddler would have in his lair.
— Long Tran - Yanko Design
If you’re looking for a straightforward cabinet, I suggest you look elsewhere. Instead, this storage unit encourages playful interaction while also making a bold statement.
— Meghan Young - Trend Hunter

If you would like an even more personalised option, contact us for a more bespoke design.