Make it real.

The Egyptians built everything in the most sophisticated manner, blending art and science perfectly. This way of life carried on even in the afterlife and this single belief resulted in their beyond-life expertise.

While you may look at what they built (pyramids, sphinxes etc…) as purely visual, they saw it as their driver of artistic and technical prowess.

This strong belief in authenticity is about elevation and culture. When I receive something from you, I also should receive a little bit of you too. Everything you make should come with a small piece of you in it.



I know, effectency is not a word. Not one that  exists in the dictionary anyway. The good thing about making up words is that if you can back them up with concrete meaning, you might get away with it, and if they are useful, they could have a place in your own dictionary. At least that's how slang works.

So why effectency?   that's easy to guess. It's a cross between efficiency and effectiveness. Like everything balance is crucial, balance is simple and balance is never black or white. I once heard that 'efficiency alone is the end of culture '. That makes sense. Efficiency is very technical, very calculated, very rigid. If that's all you have then where is the emotional impact? 

I like to relate my analogies with the work I do. Too often efficiency takes the driver's seat. Understandably. Most projects are driven by budgets and planned goals. This is necessary. A well oiled machine is great to have, but is it effective? It might get the work done but did it change anything? Effectiveness in my opinion is closely related to change. If it doesn't change anything, anyone, it might be efficient, but it's not effective enough. Back to the drawing board. Back to effectency