In conversation: The old friend


Somewhere in London... (2014) 


*Hey young man!


 ** Yes

 * Look, I'm 74 years old and I'm walking faster than you. What's wrong with you?

 * You're 74?! I don't believe you...

 ** Ha! Look... Here's my driving license. See?

 ** Yeah. Maybe you're just healthier.

 * Maybe? Not maybe... I am, and I'm supposed to be. It's in the gene you know... Good genes!

 ** Where' you from?

 * Sierra Leone... West Africa. You know where that is?

 ** Yeah I know where it is...

 * What do you do young man?

 ** I'm a designer

 * What kind of a designer ?

 ** I studied interior design.

 * Oh good, I'm a dancer.

 ** A dancer? Really?

 * Yeah I teach salsa just over there in the park.

 * You should come sometime it's really fun. We do it once a week.

 ** Yeah maybe I will.

 * I've lived in this area a long time. You look like a smart young man. Anything you want to discuss, you can find me here.

 ** Ok thanks.

 * I have ten minutes before a start my class. Let's walk for bit around the park. You like music?

 ** Yeah I like music 

 * See, music is great man, it can get your mind right you know...