In conversation: Trust

 Somewhere in London ... (2006)


* ...Can't believe I'm walking around in this heat. Where is this place?

** It says it's around here somewhere.

**Let's sit down for a minute and look at this thing properly.

** You want to play a game?

* A game? In this heat?!

** Yeah...Take this £20 note. I bet you you won't be able to give it to anyone walking past. If somebody takes it I'll give you another 20. If no one takes it you give me 20.

* You being serious?

** Yep. Here, try giving it to anyone...

* [...Hey, do you want 20?]

* [...Hi, do you want 20 pounds ? It's free!}

* I can't believe this. We must be on the dumbest street in London. These people are nuts. They don't want money.

** Haha! They do want money. Just not from you. They don't trust you. And guess what, the more you try to give, the more suspicious they'll be. They might even call the police on you.

* That's dumb...

** I know, but you would do the same wouldn't you?

* Nah, I would just take the money. I'm not stupid. It's 20 pounds....

In conversation: The old friend


Somewhere in London... (2014) 


*Hey young man!


 ** Yes

 * Look, I'm 74 years old and I'm walking faster than you. What's wrong with you?

 * You're 74?! I don't believe you...

 ** Ha! Look... Here's my driving license. See?

 ** Yeah. Maybe you're just healthier.

 * Maybe? Not maybe... I am, and I'm supposed to be. It's in the gene you know... Good genes!

 ** Where' you from?

 * Sierra Leone... West Africa. You know where that is?

 ** Yeah I know where it is...

 * What do you do young man?

 ** I'm a designer

 * What kind of a designer ?

 ** I studied interior design.

 * Oh good, I'm a dancer.

 ** A dancer? Really?

 * Yeah I teach salsa just over there in the park.

 * You should come sometime it's really fun. We do it once a week.

 ** Yeah maybe I will.

 * I've lived in this area a long time. You look like a smart young man. Anything you want to discuss, you can find me here.

 ** Ok thanks.

 * I have ten minutes before a start my class. Let's walk for bit around the park. You like music?

 ** Yeah I like music 

 * See, music is great man, it can get your mind right you know...