What all creative entrepreneurs should do right now

You may have clients who are commission based or asking for things you don’t necessarily want to do but feel obligated to because you are getting paid.

You’re trying to get to the point where you can make your venture sustainable. In other words you don’t want clients and commissions, you want to reach a point where people want to buy your services or artworks for a lot of money. The dream...

So what should you do?

Here are a couple of things you can start doing right now to get there faster.

-Create your own products and services and make those incredibly expensive.

If it’s only you or few of you running the company and you’re not trying to build a huge organisation around you, you want to be exclusive and you want to inject value in that exclusivity.

-Make the standard client work /artwork cheaper but much more scalable. Make it easier to produce or outsource it.

-Continuously charge more every time you get a new client or prospect.

-Especially for artists. If you are struggling to get new clients, I would encourage you to make spec pieces for influencers on social media. This has been a good technique for me. One of my first pieces was of the model Ebony Davis. She saw it and wanted it shipped to her. Influencers won’t all be thrilled by your work but when they are it’s a great upside. If you find that this technique works even just once, I suggest you go all in on this strategy.

If you like what you do, it should be fun trying to bring attention to the work you are willing to over deliver on. Make you time marketing your work worthwhile, especially on social media. Explore, research themes around you particular subject and interact with people.

As creatives, most of us do things that most people don’t. We create assets for others. And most of the time these assets are physical and tangible. How many people get the luxury of having an asset created just for them?

Mark Ecko launched Ecko, a highly profitable urban clothing company by following the advices above. He made custom pieces of clothing for influencers in hip hop.

The main question is: What are the things you can do that other creatives are not willing to do?

In the beginning, awareness should be your number one priority. So if you can afford to go deep into the above  strategies, go for it. Do things that seem unscalable so that you can get the most upsides.